As taprooms reopened and supply chain woes persisted, the beer industry worked to navigate the realities that 2021 had to offer. Many searched for ways to prepare for another unpredictable year, making Joshua Bernstein’s beer industry trends report an invaluable resource—and our number one beer feature—this year. Readers also dove into Tara Nurin’s overview of the craft beer industry’s quest to diversify across its trade and consumer base. Features detailing the industry’s many product innovations—from cartoon labels to winemaking crossovers—were also popular in 202…….

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer

Source: Coca-Cola

Bud Light is adding cola and orange soda to its seltzer, Mountain Dew is moving into the alcohol aisles and Molson Coors has a whiskey brand.

In the hunt for growth, beverage companies are experimenting in new categories, blurring the lines between beer, soft drinks and spirits to become powerhouses fighting for consumers’ so-called “share of throat.” But some alcohol companies worry about the potential implications of such a change on the three-tier system, which has kept that industry alive — and legal — for 88 years.


Unlike the vast majority of commercial Mexican beers, Noche Buena is a dark bock, a class of beers that have their origins in Germany. They are dense and calorie-rich, dating back to the 14th or 15th century. As the story goes, German monks developed it to get through the winter and fasting periods, especially Lent.

This particular bock has a reddish-brown color with a thick head that holds up well, leaving a lattice on the glass as you drink it. The aroma is agreeable with notes of chocolate, caramel and red fruits. A sip will reveal flavor notes that also include prunes, toasted…….

For me, when the weather turns cold and the days grow short, nothing brings more pleasure than to sit in front of my fireplace with a rich, full-flavored, higher-strength beer.

Whether or not they’re called winter seasonals or winter warmers, no beer styles do a better job melting a snowy winter disposition than beers such as Belgian Abbey Ales, Imperial Stouts, Winter Lagers, Strong Ales, and Barleywines. Just remember, that to show their best, abbey ales, barleywines, and imperial stouts need to be served just slightly chilled or even warmer at a c…….

CHARLOTTE – During NC Beer Month 2021, North Carolinians and tourists could explore the craft breweries of our state and check-in their visits using the popular “drink socially” smartphone app, Untappd.

By accumulating check-ins, beer fans were able to unlock limited edition NC Beer Month Passport badges and earn entries into the NC Beer Month Passport Sweepstakes.

Contest participants could earn the badge and a corresponding entry into the sweepstakes for their fifth, 10th and 15th brewery check-ins accumulated during October.

The No…….

Bench Brewing has released its Coolship 2021, which uses a slow fermentation process using microflora found naturally in the Beamsville air. In the photo is lead brewer Thomas Bancic.

Mother Nature knows how to brew a tasty beer — or at least she does when she has the help of a talented brewer like Thomas Bancic and his team at Bench Brewing. The Beamsville brewery recently released its Coolship 2021 beer, a brew that was three years in the making.

“To me, this is kind of going back to the roots of brewing how things have a…….

While I primarily focus on American breweries, there are so many amazing breweries around the world that I just can’t find or get in the states. However, to celebrate Christmas I have a pair of beers from Europe that I’m really excited to share with you – my first ever beers from Estonia!!!

Sori Brewing, which runs out of an old Soviet-era factory in the capital city of Tallinn, was actually started by a pair of Finns that had moved to Estonia. Initially backed by ~$1 million Euros from more than 300 investors on crowdfunding sources, Sori lives by the …….

We’ve been drinking beer a long time, we humans.

The oldest confirmed evidence shows people making and drinking beer around 7,000 years ago, and additional finds might double that time span.

The date range is a bit shorter in our part of the world, but is therefore better documented, in Phil Busse’s book Southern Oregon Beer: A Pioneering History.

Phil joined us in 2019 to celebrate the suds, and we quaff another round here.

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At San Marco’s new brewery Tepeyolot Cerveceria on Kings Avenue, everything you crunch and sip is made in-house.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — How many times do you say you need tacos and beer? There’s a new spot on the block whipping up this beloved combo.

At San Marco’s new brewery Tepeyolot Cerveceria on Kings Avenue, everything you crunch and sip is made in-house. Owner Luis Melarejo says their sopes are a big favorite.