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December 24, 2021 by No Comments

While I primarily focus on American breweries, there are so many amazing breweries around the world that I just can’t find or get in the states. However, to celebrate Christmas I have a pair of beers from Europe that I’m really excited to share with you – my first ever beers from Estonia!!!

Sori Brewing, which runs out of an old Soviet-era factory in the capital city of Tallinn, was actually started by a pair of Finns that had moved to Estonia. Initially backed by ~$1 million Euros from more than 300 investors on crowdfunding sources, Sori lives by the motto of “serious beer for not so serious people” and produces a wide variety of styles.

Today I have a pair of beers from their Shadow Game series, a collection of Stouts which now has a dozen variants. I was able to snag the original, Shadow Game I, and their Shadow Game III.

Shadow Game I is an Imperial Stout that was brewed with copious amounts of hazelnuts and Canadian maple syrup. It was then aged in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels a packs a massive punch with an ABV of 13.1%

Shadow Game III, like it’s brother, is an Imperial Stout but this time they added vanilla from Madagascar and Ethiopian coffee to it before aging it in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels. It’s a bit stronger, clocking in at 13.3%.

Both beers came in smaller 11.2 ounce bottles and cost $12 per bottle.

Shadow Game I

The beer poured a dark and completely opaque black color with just under a finger of tannish brown head topping the beer. The head fizzles down quickly, leaving just a small accumulation around the edge of the glass.

This stout was potent! On the nose there were big notes of roasted malts and hazelnuts with a strong boozy bite sitting right behind. The maple syrup added some sweetness to it but, for the most part, was overshadowed by the nuts and alcohol.

My first sip began with a super quick flash of carbonation and alcohol heat but, almost instantly, both those vanished and much more smooth and palatable notes washed over my tongue.

The hazelnuts appear first …….



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